Vegan Coaching

Do you struggle with your weight or nagging health issues that nothing seems to help?  Are you confused by the wild variation in advice you see and hear everyday about what is and is not healthy?  I can help you design a healthy plant based, whole foods eating plan that works for you and your lifestyle.  I have turned my own life around, lost significant weight, and improved or eliminated multiple health problems.  I have helped others do the same.  I am available by appointment to work with you and help you be the best you can be!

Life Coaching

Sometimes we all need a little direction, encouragement or advice to get unstuck in our lives.  Someone to help us move past a roadblock or find our bearings.  I love helping people learn to live a positive, joyful life and enjoy everything life has to offer.  I am uniquely qualified due to my own life experiences and my passion for helping others.  I have helped dozens of people find their passion, get back on the path to fulfillment or just move past a stumbling block.