This poetry was written more than 10 years ago, when I was really getting into my spiritual awakening journey.  

The Song of Me
Ever so slowly
I feel my soul
Starting to open up
Like a blossom
Unfolding its petals
Upward and outward
Toward the Light.

A smile, a laugh,
A touch, a look,
I begin to connect
With who I was
And who I AM
And who I can be.

As I shake off 
The shackles of repression
That have kept me bound
Into a limited existence
Of sameness, and denial of
Who and what I am,
I feel my-SELF
Coming to Life -
Waking up and opening up

I shine my Light much brighter now.
And as I do, I feel others'
Shining their Lights back at me.
How joyous it is to be back -
To remember how to laugh,
To remember how to smile,
To remember how to enjoy
The pleasure of being
With other people.
And allowing myself to
Join in Life instead of
Being limited in who I am.

I sing the Song of my Soul
For all to hear,
And Shine My Light
For all to see.
And then I watch and listen
As those who hear my song,
And see my Light
Begin to sing their own song
And shine their own Light.

This is what we are here to do -
To spread our Light and our Song
To all of humanity, one
Smile, one laugh, one word
At a time,
Until the whole world
Awakens and we all
Sing One Song and Shine One Light.

I welcome my-SELF back
Into the world, into life
Into love, into the Light.
What a glorious feeling
This is - to just be ME.


In all my wisdom of all my lives
I live on forever in endless circles of love.
I am you and I am I, I am all and I am nothing.
These are the words that must come forth
For all to be All.

Now is the day and time as there is no day or time.
All goes on and all does not exist
As you sink into the ether of energy fields
That surround you and are you.

Let go of who and what and when and where
And just be the light and energy that you are.
Merge and become one with the very air around you
As you release the images and thoughts and ideas
That tie you to an illusionary reality.

As you move higher and higher and closer and closer
To the one who is you and is all
You will feel and see and hear and touch
The joy and wonder and beauty and life
That is who and what and when and where and why you exist.

No more fighting or striving or trying or doing
Just melt into the arms of the ALL THAT IS
And feel the lines between real and unreal,
Between what is and what isn't
Between now and then and past and future
Become one blur of softness and light and energy.

Feel the edges of where you stop and the
World around you starts begin to fade away -
Feel that you are no longer seperate but
Complete and whole as part of all that is
Around you and in you and on you and above you
And below you - see the lights blur and sparkle
And merge to become one massive glow and then
Sink into it and feel that you are it.

This is the way - the truth - the light
That you seek - to let go of who you are
And become who you can be - a spark of 
Divine Light and Love glimmering in the night
Like a star in the sky as you float
Into and up and away
As you dissolve into the pureness of All.